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Acceptable Use Policy

In order to provide a professional service, we have set up a few guidelines for users of our service. Some ofthese guidelines may seem strict, but they ensure a safe, functional, and trusted environment for all our customers to use our services.

Many of our competitors do not require their customers to comply with these or similar guidelines. If any of our potential customers are unwilling or unable to comply with these guidelines, we respectfully invite them to sign up with one of our competitors.

Content transfer policies

We do not allow any of the following content to be transferred through our servers:

( 1 ) Content of an illegal nature or copyrighted material. ( 2 ) Pirated software sites, Hate sites or content that could be reasonably considered as slanderous or libellous. Anuson Limited representatives will decide upon content that is questionable regarding any of the aforementioned criteria. ( 3 ) Users transferring any of the above through our servers may have their account temporarily suspended. A repeated offence may cause cancellation of service without refund of any fees.

Email usage policies

Anuson Limited does not support unsolicited email messages sent by users of our services ( also known as junk email or spam ). Users sending unsolicited email messages through our services will have all of their services temporarily suspended. A repeated offence may cause cancellation of service without refund of any fees.

Illegal activities

Customers caught using our system for illegal activities, including but not limited to breaking into remote systems, credit card fraud, theft, vandalism, threats, or violence, will have their accounts immediately cancelled without refund of any fees.

Right to refuse service

Anuson Limited reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We enforce this policy to ensure a professional environment for the users of our system. This includes any users that are using excessive amounts of system resources. Excessive amounts is defined as any amount that results in substantial degradation of server performance. Anuson Limited is the sole determinant of what constitutes degraded server performance.